Cycleright - Cycling Programme for Senior Room (Commencing today 02.09.2019)


Our pupils from the senior room will today be commencing a Cycle Right programme provided by certified instructors. The programme is being provided by a different course provider than last year but the purpose is for the pupils to build on and revise previous knowledge.Tutors do provide a small amount of bikes but encourage students to bring their own bikes/helmets for the duration of the course to ensure that they are familiar and comfortable with using their own bike on the road. All bikes can be stored in our school shelter for the course period from Monday 09th Sept. The programme will run for approx 8 weeks. The course cost will be 20.00 per pupil, 10.00 per pupil will be subsidized by the school using fundraising money, leaving the cost of 10.00 per pupil payable to the school office by Weds 25th Sep. See below further information on the course and the benefits etc.

What is Cycle Right?

CYCLE RIGHT is the National Standard for Cycle Training and provides practical cycle safety and skills training to promote competent and confident cyclists.

What are the Goals of Cycle Right?

  • To ensure best-practice cycle training is delivered across Ireland.

  • To provide participants with the skills needed to move as cyclists in complex, changing, road environments.

  • To train participants to apply dynamic thinking, assessing conditions and the environment on the road as they go through their journey.

    What are the Benefits?

  • CYCLE RIGHT will offer those taking part the skills to cycle confidently on the road network, from novice to competent cyclists.

  • CYCLE RIGHT is delivered over three stages with participants gaining skills and knowledge on a phased basis, preparing them to cycle in increasingly complex road scenarios.

  • All CYCLE RIGHT training is delivered by registered trainers.

  • Training will be delivered to the CYCLE RIGHT programme with defined outcomes and according to trainee/trainer ratios which facilitate the learning process.

  • Ongoing quality assurance and annual trainer registration will be part of the CYCLE RIGHT process to ensure consistent quality in programme delivery.

  • CYCLE RIGHT offers a programme uniquely suited to the Irish environment, taking account of rural, suburban and urban conditions that are regularly encountered in close proximity.