Welcome Back - New Term Reminders for 2019/2020

welcome back to school.jpg

A very big welcome back to all our pupils and parents especially to our new Junior Infants and their parents.

As a new term is upon us, these are general reminder points to note for the year ahead:

Please note: - From Monday 02nd Sept, parents should remain outside the school gates and allow pupils to bring their own bag to the line. 

·         Pupils will exit & enter through the back door only

·         All visitors/parents requesting entry to the school must use the intercom based at the front door and the school and contact the office or appropriate room.

·        Reminder that the Junior Room is a nut/marshmallow free zone - Please ensure all lunches/snacks are free from these foods.

·         Information: To ensure we have all important information up to date for all pupils - Please inform the office immediately if there have been any changes to parent/emergency contact phone numbers, pupil addresses, emails, or if authorized personnel to collect child/children has been changed.

·         Late Arrival – All pupils arriving to school late must be accompanied into school by a parent/guardian through the front door and the late book must be completed.

·         Appointment – Should a parent wish to contact a teacher please make an appointment through the school office on 0404-41727 or schoolofficeredcross@gmail.com

·         Hair – For the health and safety of children during class lessons and PE we are requesting that all parents ensure that their child/ren have their hair tied up at all times. This is a measure put in place to also prevent the spread of head lice in the school

·         Parking – Reminder to parents to use the rest of the area as a Drop Zone only and to ensure all pupils use footpaths when getting out of cars.

  • Labelling - Please ensure that all your child's belongings are labelled.

  • Appropriate clothing - Due to the weather changing, all pupils should bring a light raincoat to school or as per weather conditions

  • Books and stationary - Please ensure that you child has all the necessary books and stationery as per the book lists sent in June.

  • Lunches - As per our healthy eating policy listed on the school website - Please ensure all lunches for children are healthy and that they have a small treat on Friday only. Please ensure all children have adequate drinks per day.

  • Homework - Please ensure that your child is into a good routine from the beginning for completing homework, they will need to have a suitable place to do their homework and that in all classes that homework is checked and signed each night.

  • Twitter – We have set up a twitter account to enable parents to access quick updates to keep up to date with events and activities in the school. Please follow us for all updates (@saneoin)

  • Our website is also used for updates and information – Please check this regularly.

  • Monies - The following is a list of due dates for school fees. They are 2 options for payment - payment through Mary in the office or online through our E-payment system.

  1. Book Rental Fees - All book rental fees from 1st class to 6th are due Friday 30th August.

  2. Homework Journal fees - Due Monday Sept 02nd (These are required at start of term for pupils to note daily homework)

  3. Pupil Insurance (€6.50) Due Friday Sept 06th

  4. School annual requisite fee - Due Friday Sept 06th (This can be paid in 2 installments if this option is preferable - 1st installment of 40e is due Sept 06th 2019 and 2nd installment of 40e is due Jan 10th 2020.

 We are all looking forward to a great year ahead!

Thank You,

Linda Greene