A book rental scheme is in operation in Scoil San Eoin.  The scheme provides text books across all curricular areas where possible, leaving only workbooks, for parents/guardians to buy.  The cost of the book rental scheme, along with the requisite money, is payable at the beginning of the school year.  These books have been purchased by the school to be used by the pupils for the foreseeable future unless there are changes to the booklist.  Therefore we urge both pupils and parents/guardians to be vigilant regarding the care of all books in both school and home.  If a book is not returned at the end of the year in the same condition as it was received we will ask parents/guardians to reimburse the school for the cost of a replacement book.  The care of all materials, personal and those belonging to the school and others is stressed and encouraged on an ongoing basis.   Your help in encouraging your child to care for these books would be greatly appreciated.


In September 2012 a school uniform was introduced into Scoil San Eoin.  This consists of a red crested jumper (available to purchase from the office), red polo-shirt and navy tracksuit, trousers, skirt or pinafore.  Pupils must wear plain white or dark runners or shoes.  Pupils must also have indoor shoes/slippers to wear from the start of the year.  With the exception of stud earrings and watches, all other jewellery is prohibited for health and safety reasons.




Homework is regarded as an important part of a continuous learning process in Scoil San Eoin for the following reasons:

·      Consolidation of school work.

·      An opportunity to develop independent work.

·      Enables parents/guardians to observe their child in a working situation and keep informed as to what type of work is being undertaken at that time.

If for any reason your child does not do their homework, of if homework is not completed on the actual evening, teachers may require it to be done later.  Please write an explanatory note in their homework journal, as we do not accept a verbal excuse from any pupil about this.  Journals are signed by parents/guardians or the supervising adult when it has been completed.  Our homework policy is available to view in the office and we encourage parents/guardians to familiarise themselves with this document.



In line with our Healthy Eating Policy, pupils are not to bring fizzy drinks, sweets, chewing gum, chocolate or crisps to school. Pupils are permitted to bring a small treat on Fridays, however fizzy drinks and chewing gum are prohibited. Pupils will be informed of any occasion when they are allowed a treat, i.e. school trips. We recommend that lunches be varied and include fruit. Also, younger pupils must be able to physically manage their lunch, i.e. able to open yogurt pots etc. and eat their lunch within a reasonable time frame. As Scoil San Eoin is a Green School, pupils must use a reusable lunch box and reusable drinks bottle and avoid the use of tinfoil or clingfilm.  We discourage hot drinks for Health and Safety reasons. They are not permitted at any time in the junior classroom.  At end of term parties, pupils are permitted to bring in small quantities of treats but homemade produce is preferable.



Parents/guardians must supply the school with their up to date addresses and phone numbers, contact numbers for child minders, and the name of another person in the event of parents/guardians not being available.  It is essential that people listed are available to respond to contact by the school.  At the start of each school year parents/guardians are asked to complete a new form.  If any of these details change during the school year it is imperative that the school office is notified.  A copy of all contacts is kept in the school office with each teacher receiving a copy relative to their class.





A Code of Behaviour was developed in Scoil San Eoin in accordance with the guidelines ‘Developing a Code of Behaviour: Guidelines for Schools’ (NEWB 2008).  It also conforms with legislation as required by Section 23 of the Education Welfare Act (2000).  The schools Anti-Bullying, Child Protection and Homework policies are documents which are linked with the Code of Behaviour and all stem from the Ethos of the school.  This code applies not only on school grounds but also at any school related activity e.g. swimming, school tours, sports activities, class trips etc.  Our Code of Behaviour is reinforced by a system of rewards, and provision for sanctions where necessary using a Traffic Lights System.  Through a high level of co-operation within the whole school community, we aim to create a positive atmosphere in relation to pupil behaviour.

New parents/guardians will receive a copy of the Code of Behaviour  and Anti-Bullying Policy at the beginning of the school year and will be expected to familiarise themselves with the school rules, expectations, rewards and sanctions with the school.  They then sign a slip to indicate their agreement to both documents, and return it to the office where it will be kept on file.