Annual Rugby Blitz - Arklow Rugby Club Weds 20th March 2019

We were blessed with gorgeas weather as our Senior room took part in their annual tag rugby blitz with Barney today at Arklow Rugby Club. We had 2 teams and both teams played 3 matches each. We played teams from Templerainy and St Johns National School.

All the children took part, had great fun, got lots of exercise and fresh air and had a great day.

Thank you to everyone for taking part and to Laura Jones/Cleo Griffin and Cathy Nolan who transported the children to and from the Blitz.

Barney has advised that we may have another one before the end of term.

Upcoming Bagpack Fundraiser - 29/30th March


We have scheduled a Bagpack fundraiser @ Dunnes Stores, Bridgewater Shopping Centre Arklow on Friday 29th/30th March in aid of Scoil San Eoin.

We still have some slots that need to be filled:

  • Friday 29th May ( 2-4pm & 4-6pm ) Currently we have no volunteers

  • Sat 30th May (10-12 & 12-2pm ) Currently we only have 1 volunteers

Please contact the school office or a parent rep if you or a family member are available for any of the times above.

We would really appreciate your help on the day to raise some much needed funds for the school.

Thank You!

Arklow Muncipal Council Meeting comes to Scoil San Eoin - Weds 13th March

Arklow Municipal District and its members held their March monthly meeting in the school on Weds 13th March in our lovely new classroom. Some of the children were allowed to sit in on some of the meeting and got to see the structure and formality of a Municipal meeting. As a thank you the Cathaoirleach and its members presented the school with an apple tree which will be planted in our gardens. During the meeting members of the Redcross Community gave a presentation on how how the village could be improved.

Photos were taken by the local Wicklow People.

Thank you to all our students and parents who sted back after school for the meeting and presentation.

Budding Engineers in the Senior Room

Our activities in the Senior Room during Engineering Week were great fun. First we had a workshop with All 4 Science in which the pupils made robotic hands. Then the pupils were given an engineering task which showed the talents and resilience of all pupils. The team spirit shown was amazing and everyone worked together to help each other until the projects were finished. Great fun was had ….have a look below at the amazing things they made. We have sky wheels, cars, mechanical fish, elevators, vacuum cleaners, bubble machine, lamp and even a Googly eyed gecko!!!!. Thanks to all the Mums and Dads who provided some equipment and helped out over the weekend with the tricky bits!!!

South Wicklow CnmB Skills Competition

cumann na bunscol.jpg

The Annual Cumann na MBunscol Wicklow Skills competition will take place on the week beginning March 25th

N/B:All participants must be born on or after Jan 01st 2007.

Each school are permitted to send 2 representatives into each category below:





Please note: Each pupil will only be permitted to complete in one of the above.

The top 2 pupils from each area will be invited to complete in the County Skills Test scheduled for April 03rd in Wicklow GAA Centre for Excellence, Ballinakill at 11am. The top performing pupils in the county skills tests will have the opportunity to represent their school and county during the half - time of selected All Ireland Series games during the summer.

If any parents are interested in your child competing please contact your parent rep or the school office and we will register pupils. Registration must be submitted to Wicklow GAA by Weds 20th March.

Thank You

Aldi Rugby Play Poster

We’ve done it !!!!

We have filled our Aldi Rugby Play poster and we are now on our way to try to complete our 2nd poster.

A huge thank you to everyone who has brought in stickers and who have asked friends and family members to participate.

We really appreciate it.

Fingers crossed now that we win some prizes :-)


SkipnRope Workshop - Friday 08th March

skipping 2.png

We had our scheduled Skipnrope Workshop with instructor Mark McCabe on Friday 08th March. The weather couldn’t even dampen spirits and the children had a great day. The children in the Junior classes were shown how to skip safely and correctly and the rest of the classes participated in skipping games etc.

Thank you to Mark for providing the workshop.

Students can purchase skipping ropes used on the day - Orders will be submitted on Weds 13th therefore please ensure payment is made to the school office by Weds 13th March if you would like to order one. Prices are below again for anyone that missed previous post on website.

Skipping Rope - Individual Ropes Prices

7ft Speed Rope         € 6   (Jun Inf - Small 1st Class Children)

8.5 ft Speed Rope     € 6   (Tall 1st Class - 6th Class Children)

10ft Speed Rope       € 6   (Very Tall Children in 5th or 6th Class plus Adult)

Family Rope              €10  (16ft Long)

Double Dutch Set     €15  (2 x 16ft Long)

Long Rope                 €15 (25ft Long)

Thank You

SkipnRope Workshop - Friday 08th March

skipping 2.png

Skipping ropes are avaible to buy on the day of workshop only if parents wish to. IT IS NOT COMPULSORY. Children will be given ropes on the day to use by instructor.

See below prices given to us by instructor.

Skipping Rope - Individual Ropes Prices

7ft Speed Rope         € 6   (Jun Inf - Small 1st Class Children)

8.5 ft Speed Rope     € 6   (Tall 1st Class - 6th Class Children)

10ft Speed Rope       € 6   (Very Tall Children in 5th or 6th Class plus Adult)

Family Rope              €10  (16ft Long)

Double Dutch Set     €15  (2 x 16ft Long)

Long Rope                 €15 (25ft Long)


6 Week Rugby sessions with Barney completed!


The children finished up their 6 week Rugby sessions with Barney on Weds 06.03.2019. They had great fun learning the rules and playing. The smaller children in Junior & Senior Infants also go to play.

Thank you to Barney for coming each week.

Pancake Tasting Morning for Pancake Tuesday 05th March 2019

pancake tues 2.jpg

The children were very lucky to have a tasting session for Pancake Tuesday where they were given pancakes and got to try all of the different toppings. Thank you to all the volunteers who set up and served the children and who tidied up after.

Parent Reminder of school activities

download DONT FORGET.jpg

Just a general reminder for parents:

  • Our Sale of work and open day is 06th April. We are seeking donations from the community for items for the sale of work. Please click on the attached link for full list of items. We are ready to accept donations now and parents/community members can drop items to the school.

  • Bagpack Fundraiser - We have our Bagpack fundraiser on Friday 29th/30th March in Dunnes Stores Bridgewater and we still have some slots that need to be filled. Please contact the school office or a parent rep if you or a family member can volunteer your time for any of the slots. (Friday 29th 2-4pm & 4-6pm need to be filled) and Sat 30th (10-12, 12-2pm need to be filled)

  • Tesco Blue Tokens - We are in Tesco Arklow as a charity for the Tesco community fund. Please remind your friends and family members to support us if they can.

  • Aldi Play Rugby Poster - We nearly have our Aldi Play Rugby Poster filled - Please ask all friends and family members to request stickers when shopping in Aldi for the school. There are great prizes to be won but we also receive water bottles/ bag and balls if we submit a full poster.

Thank You

Reconcillation & Bowl Burning Ceremony - Friday 01st March 2019

Pupils from the senior room had a Reconciliation and Bowl Burning Ceremony in our new classroom on Friday with Fr. Byrne.

Pupils were asked to burn away the negative things they wished to leave behind and to write down about the positive things they wanted to replace them with and to leave it on the religion table.

First Penance Mass - 27th Feb 2019

Pupils who are set to make their First Holy Communion in May had their First Penance mass last week in Barnisky Church with Fr Byrne.

Senior Room - Our New Cosy Reading Corner

Some pictures of our new Cosy reading corner in the new senior classroom. Pupils are getting the chance to relax and read in lovely comfortable surroundings.

Thanks to Ms Greenes Mam for taking the time to make the lovely cushions for the children to use .

Glendalough Confirmation Retreat - Thurs 28th Feb

Our 5th & 6th Class pupils had their Confirmation Retreat in Glendalough with students from Ballycoog National School.

Our tour was lead by Fr. Pat from the Tearmann Spirituality Centre.

The retreat was based around Nature, St Kevin’s life in Glendalough and Spirituality.

The weather was brillant for the day and the children had a great time.

We would like to thank Fr. Pat and the Tearmann Spirituality Centre for having us.