Active Flags

Active Schools Week (08th-10th May)

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Next week is Active Schools Week from 08-10th May. Our aim is for Scoil San Eoin to receive our Active School Flag early next year. The Active School Flag (ASF) is awarded to schools that strive to achieve a physically educated and physically active school community.

Our aims for the week and afterwards is to encourage the children to get more active, more often.

As part of this we have arranged lots of activities for the children to take part in.

  • Weds 08th May - Clara Jenkinson will be here to do tug of war and boxercise.

  • Thurs 09th May - The children will be doing dance classes with Laura Gannon where they will be listening to music, dancing and the older pupils will be learning a dance routine.

  • Friday 10th - The children will have their gymnastic classes but we will also have Alison Shanley in to do some GAA with the children.

In preparation for Active Schools week, can all parents please ensure that the children:

  • are wearing comfortable clothing & footwear (If weather is good, children are allowed to wear PLAIN navy shorts (no football shorts or other shorts).

  • Have extra drinks with lunches

  • are wearing sunscreen if weather is warm

Thank You

Active Flag Slogan Competition winners from the Senior Room

Congratulations Niamh and Leah. The active school committee decided to combine both your slogans together to make a fantastic slogan for our school ‘A Healthy Heart is a Healthy Start, Be Active Not Slaktive’. Well done everyone for great efforts in term one working towards our Active Flag.

Just 4 Fun Active School Tour

We enjoyed our school tour to DCU, a very active and fun day was had by all while also contributing to Crumlin Children’s Hospital - a very worthy cause.

Active Schools Week 2018

We recently held our first Active Schools Week where the pupils engaged in various activities such as wake up shake up each morning, drop everything and dance, outdoor activities, the SSE 10Km in a day challenge and a poster competition. The pupils were so energetic and enthusiastic all week making it a great success - well done everyone!


Look at our certificates! All pupils completed the Fit4Class programme with great energy and enthusiasm.

Yoga classes 2018

The children recently enjoyed a set of yoga classes with Maura Broaders. It was a lovely way to end the school year.

RNLI-Lap of the Map

Mary Hickey visited Scoil San Eoin today to tell the story of her wonderful achievement completing a lap of the map of Ireland. The pupils enjoyed the stories of her fascinating adventures along the way and had plenty of questions to ask. Thank you Mary for taking the time to visit our school and congratulations again on your wonderful achievement.

Tennis Exhibition Day - Jamie Stafford April 2018

All pupils participated in a tennis coaching session with Jamie Stafford academy. This was very much enjoyed by all.