Super Troopers Programme starting Weds 09th Oct

super troopers.jpg

All pupils from all classes will be commencing the Super Troopers programme today 09th October at Scoil San Eoin.

This is a Health Homework programme that teaches children about leading a healthy balanced lifestyle by focusing on physical activity, wellbeing and nutrition.

The programme encourages children to increase their activity levels by setting physical activity homework every night. The Health Homework Journals also contain wellbeing challenges, extra tips on looking after overall health, information on nutrition and healthy recipes helping children to be fit and healthy in mind and body.

Each pupil will receive the following today:

  • Super troopers 4 week challenge

  • A letter for each pupil’s parent/carer explaining in detail how Super Troopers work

This programme will also be part of the active flag and will go towards helping us gain our active flag at Scoil San Eoin this year.

We encourage all pupils and their families to participate in the programme.

There is a great section dedicated to parents on the website for lots of helpful tips and information.

Happy Exercising!!!