Happy Summer Holidays

It has come to that time of the year again, where we reflect on all the successful projects, initiatives and intra-curricular activities that was carried out in our school.

As you are all aware a lot of work went into the teaching and learning of the Peace Proms songs and actions. The children and parents truly enjoyed the wonderful, once in a life time experience where treasured memories will be relived in years to come.

A big ‘Thank You’ goes to Ms. Brennan for all her hard work in completing our project for Discover Primary Science & Maths, normally schools that enter receive a certificate in their first year but the wonderful work that the children produced enabled us to be awarded a Plaque!

Ms. Fitzgerald is responsible for the Active School Flag and all the children and staff have engaged in the steps, we are now more than half way through this programme and we hope in the next academic year to successfully obtain the ASF. We thank Ms. Fitzgerald for her continued support and guidance in this wonderful intra-curricular activity.

Yoga in the last term was greeted with open arms and the children truly benefitted from this activity. Our Roald Dahl workshop allowed the children to explore and expand their literacy thinking and “We are Writers” book resonates this. The children thoroughly enjoyed their I.T. classes with Ciaran Coughlan and the benefits of these classes are replicated in the high standard of power point presentations in their project work. Our Scholastic book fair was a great success and this is because of the parents of SSE and the wider community involvement.

I’d like to thank the parent class reps for their time, support and help during the school year. A big ‘Thank You’ goes to the parents who volunteered during the Bag Packing Fundraiser and other activities throughout the school year. A special ‘Thank You’ goes to our secretary (Mary), cleaner (Caroline) and caretaker (Maurice) for their dedication and great efforts in supporting the running of the school.

Well done to the true stars, the pupils of SSE. Every visitor that comes to our school and when we take trips outside of school, we are always complimented on how well mannered and well behaved the pupils are. Our Departmental subject inspection in Science 31st of May, was a golden opportunity for our pupils to shine. We are very proud of our report not only as our first published report but to be recognized of all the hard work that goes on in our school. This report may be viewed in the Inspectorate section on the Department of Education and skills website.

We look forward to exciting times ahead for SSE so expect building works during the summer months, where we will be welcoming an additional new classroom. We wish Ms. Brennan and Ms. Doyle the Best of Luck as they are moving on from SSE. May the lovely weather continue and may I ask the children/parents to be mindful of their safety during the summer holidays especially around water.

Ann-Marie Nuzum

Acting Principal