Parents/Guardians access to school


We would like to remind parents that access to the school via the back door before and during school is not permitted for health and safety reasons. This door is for pupils and staff members only. All parents and visitors to school must buzz either the office or a classroom, at the front door. We would also like to remind parents/guardians to check whether the issues they bring to the class teachers attention before school may be written on a note or email. If parents/guardians have an issue that they need to speak to the class teacher about, they should make an appointment via email or through Mary in the office.

We would like to reiterate that morning time is a valuable time for staff members to get ready for the day ahead either by gathering resources etc or discussing issues with other staff members. We ask that parents/guardians are respectful of the points above and are mindful of the impact disruptions, and visitors in the school building during these times, have on the pupils day and also their health and safety.  

We thank you for your cooperation in this matter.