Junior Room School Tour

This year the Junior Room went to Rancho Reilly for their school tour in County Carlow. When we first arrived, we had a small snack and drink. Following this we went to our first two stations and they were the Pony Rides and Donkey Rides. The next station was the Barrel Train Ride, where we all enjoyed the bumpy ride across the paddocks. Our last station was the Petting Sheds. The children and adults got to learn about and pet the rabbits, snakes, bearded dragons etc! The children then enjoyed playing in the sandpits and sunken trampolines.

The children enjoyed their chicken nuggets, sausages and chips with a drink. Afterwards they all got an ice-cream. After Lunch, the children got to have free play and got to say "Hi" to their reindeer, Hens, Roosters, Turkeys, Geese, Ducks, Goats, sheep and lambs. The swings, slides, obstacle course, ride on track, tyre swings, boat, basketball, football and much more was enjoyed by all the children during their Free Play Time. 

A big thanks to Mandie and Helen for assisting us on our most enjoyable  school tour day.