Parents Help Needed - Cumann na m Bunscoil Participation Blitzs - Dates for term ahead

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Dear Parents,

We have signed up with Cumann na mBunscoil to encourage pupils from the senior room (3rd-6th class) to participate in blitzs being ran during the school term.

Teachers may not always be available to travel with the pupils as they are required to stay back in the classroom. If the SEN teacher is available to supervise, Ms Greene will attend the blitzs.

Pupils would need to be transported and supervised by parent reps or parents at the events outside the school grounds therefore we are seeking parents to volunteer to transport/supervise parents on blitz scheduled during the year.

For a start the below are upcoming dates for Hurling/Football & Comagie blitzs for the term ahead. Please have a look at these dates and if you are available to help transport pupils on any of these days, contact the school office and Mary will note your name.

Blitzs will only be able to go ahead if we have help from parents to transport the pupils to the games.


  • Date: Oct 11th (Class Group 5th/6th) Venue Aughrim GAA (Outdoor)

  • Date: Nov 22nd (Class Group 3rd/4th) Venue Aughrim GAA (Outdoor/Indoor)


  • Date: Mar 27th (Class Group 3rd-6th) Aughrim GAA (Outdoor/Indoor)


  • Date: Nov 8th (Class Group 3rd/4th) Aughrim GAA (Outdoor/Indoor)

 Thank You