Sprocket Rocket Cycling Programme - (1st - 6th Class)

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The children will be beginning a Sprocket Rocket Cycling programme from approx Thurs 30th May (Instructor is to advise and we will advise all parents as soon as we receive notification) The programme is aimed at 7 to 11 year olds, therefore all pupils from 1st - 6th Class will be participating. Duration of course will be 4 weeks. This programme will be free of charge to pupils participating.

The Sprocket Rocket Programme presents young riders with the opportunity to learn fundamental cycling skills that cater for their size, physical development and interest.

The programme is aimed at:

  • Teaching children the four FUNdamental cycling skills of Balance, Pedalling, Braking and Cornering

  • Providing a strong cycling skill foundation for young riders.

  • Skill development, including general cycling skills which will lay the foundation for more advanced learning of specific cycling skills in the future.

  • Fostering enjoyment and “want” of participation

  • Teaching rider’s fair-play and rules at their level, rather than promoting a win at all cost attitude

All courses are delivered by Cycling Ireland certified and Garda Vetted instructors.

At the end of the course, each trainee will receive a certificate of completion.


If your child owns their own bike and helmet, they have the option of bringing them to school for the duration of the course. All bikes will be stored in shelter which will be secure or pupils can bring bikes home after each course. This is at the discretion of parent/guardians.

If a child brings their own bike, they will be taught how to care and maintain it.

Thank You