SkipnRope Workshop - Friday 08th March

skipping 2.png

We had our scheduled Skipnrope Workshop with instructor Mark McCabe on Friday 08th March. The weather couldn’t even dampen spirits and the children had a great day. The children in the Junior classes were shown how to skip safely and correctly and the rest of the classes participated in skipping games etc.

Thank you to Mark for providing the workshop.

Students can purchase skipping ropes used on the day - Orders will be submitted on Weds 13th therefore please ensure payment is made to the school office by Weds 13th March if you would like to order one. Prices are below again for anyone that missed previous post on website.

Skipping Rope - Individual Ropes Prices

7ft Speed Rope         € 6   (Jun Inf - Small 1st Class Children)

8.5 ft Speed Rope     € 6   (Tall 1st Class - 6th Class Children)

10ft Speed Rope       € 6   (Very Tall Children in 5th or 6th Class plus Adult)

Family Rope              €10  (16ft Long)

Double Dutch Set     €15  (2 x 16ft Long)

Long Rope                 €15 (25ft Long)

Thank You