Confirmation Enrolment Ceremony


The date for our 5th & 6th Class Confirmation Enrolment ceremony is scheduled for Friday 01st Feb @ 02.00 pm in Scoil San Eoin. All parents/guardians and family members are welcome to attend. Sponsors are also welcome to attend but it is not essential for them to be present.

Parents should be preparing for the next steps for their child’s confirmation over the coming months - See below some further information:

  • Your Child will be need a candle for the Ceremony of light. Their baptismal candle is preferable but if not available a thick cream/white candle similar to style & size of baptismal candle can be used instead.

  • Child’s sponsor will need to be chosen by Friday 11th Jan

  • Child’s Confirmation name will need to be decided

  • Parents should also speak to their children about the drugs/alcohol pledge that they will be taking for Confirmation. Lessons will be completed in class in the coming weeks.

Thank You