Aldi Play Rugby Competetion


Aldi are currently the official supermarket of the IRFU. They are giving primary schools a chance to win €50,000 to develop a school’s playing facility to encourage children to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

We have received a large poster to hang in the school which needs to be filled with 300 stickers. For every €30 spent in-store at your local you will receive Aldi Play Rugby Stickers. We are encouraging all pupils, families and friends to collect the stickers and bring them into school to stick on our poster.

Once the poster is filled we need to answer the question at the bottom and return to Aldi to be entered in the competition.

Others items that can be won are:

  • €2,500 voucher for sports and training equipment to a school in each province

  • A training session with Paul O’ Connell in our school, plus a set of new jerseys and an Aldi Play Rughy Kit

  • Every school that enters with a fully completed poster will get an Aldi Play Rugby kit bag, 4 rugby balls and a set of Aldi Play Rugby water bottles sent to the school.

Please help support and gather as many stickers as you can! Promotion runs from Monday 28/01/2019 until 07/04/2019

Thank You