New Term Reminders


As a new term is upon us, these are general reminder points to note for the year ahead.

Please note: - From Monday 03rd Sept, parents should remain outside the school gates and allow pupils to bring their own bag to the line . 

  • Reminder that the Junior Room is a nut free zone - Please ensure all lunches/snacks are nut free.
  • To ensure we have all important information up to date for all pupils - Please inform the office immediately  if there have been any changes to parent/emergency contact phone numbers, pupil addresses, emails, or  if authorized personnel to collect child/children has been changed.
  • Parking - Due to the builders accessing the bottom gate and extra vehicles in that area, teachers will be parking at the top end and we ask parents to us the rest of the area as a Drop Zone only
  • Labelling - Please ensure that all your child's belongings are labelled.
  • Appropriate clothing - Due to the weather changing, all pupils should bring a light raincoat to school or as per weather conditions 
  • Books and stationary - Please ensure that you child has all the necessary books and stationery as per the book lists sent in June. 
  • Lunches - As per our healthy eating policy listed on the school website -  Please ensure all lunches for children are healthy and that they have a small treat on Friday only. Please ensure all children have adequate drinks per day. 
  • Homework - Please ensure that your child is into a good routine from the beginning for completing homework, they will need to have a suitable place to do their homework and that it is checked and signed each night.
  • Monies - The following is a list of due dates for school fees. They are 2 options for payment - payment through Mary in the office or online through our E-payment system.
  1. Book Rental Fees - All book rental fees from 1st class to 6th are due Friday 31st August.
  2. Homework Journal fees - Due Monday Sept 03rd (These are required at start of term for pupils to note daily homework)
  3. Pupil Insurance (6.50) Due Friday Sept 07th
  4. School annual requisite fee - Due Friday Sept 07th (This can be paid in 2 installments if this option is preferable - 1st installment of 40e is due Sept 07th 2018 and 2nd installment of 40e is due Jan 11th 2019.
  • Building works - Building works have commenced on site until the end of term. Parents will be informed of any changes or effects this will have on pupils/parents within the school grounds, if and when they occur. 

Thank You,

Linda Greene