Grandparents Day






Today's Grandparents day was a great success and we had a brilliant turnout, thank you to all the Grandparents that visited us.

To start the day all the grandparents were given nametags and divided into 2 groups for a question/answer session.

Our junior room read a lovely poem.

Our senior room are currently exploring the 1950/1960s period and this was spoke about. The grandparents gave examples of their first jobs, what fashion was like and what games & toys were around for them in that era. It gave the children a great insight into what life was like back then towards now.

We had tea/ coffee and refreshments which were thoroughly enjoyed by everyone.

Rotation stations were set up with the children demonstrating Maths/Games/Arts & Crafts/IT & jigsaws - The grandparents were able to view all of this happening and speak with the children as they went along.

A special thanks to Tess Kenny who took the time to showcase her craftsmanship of knitting/sowing and crocheting - Everyone enjoyed this part of the day.

And finally a huge thanks to our Parent Reps who set up, helped out all morning and then cleaned up after everyone had left.

The day was a great success and a special Homework pass was given by the teachers for all the good behaviour!

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