Chess Programme/Lessons

Dear Parents/Guardians,

The middle and senior classes will take part in a Chess programme by a chess coach Seamus Duffy. He has taught in Primary schools throughout the country and has won Primary school competitions. He has also represented Ireland in the European Club Championships.

Chess has many educational benefits for the children - It helps to develop children’s critical thinking and reasoning, encourages them to plan ahead and teaches them that their actions have consequences. It also encourages problem-solving, sportsmanship and self-esteem, often allowing quieter children to shine and is great for concentration and patience.Our hope at the end of the programme is that we can organise a tournament and the children can partake in this, and that chess will become part of our wet-breaks with inter-class tournaments. 

As we are unable to take part in some of the usual activities this year, due to not having an extra classroom. we are looking at activities that can be done as a whole class where the tutor can come into the pupils classroom to complete the lessons. We would like all pupils to take part in this, as they have all the above mentioned workshops, and many more. We strive at Scoil San Eoin, to expose pupils to a variety of intra-curricular activities, to  reinforce curricular learning and give them a holistic education. 

The programme will be a 7 week program which commences on 14th/Sept/2017 and ends at Halloween.

The Middle Class (1st/2nd and 3rd) will be completing a time slot of 9.50-10.50 am each week and the Senior Class will be completing a time slot of 11.15-12.15 weekly.

The total cost of the programme is €25.00 per pupil. This can be paid in full to the class teacher or by epayment, or on a weekly basis (3.50) The school will supply the chess boards required.

We know that, like all the other workshops the pupils have been involved in, it will be of great benefit to them, and they will thoroughly enjoy it!