Peace Proms RDS Dublin 2018


As part of our music curriculum this year, Scoil San Eoin are excited to take part in the annual musical education programme called Peace Proms. This was established not only to enrich pupils lives through exceptional musical experiences and performances but also to promote  peace, unity and tolerance through music.  Peace Proms is a free initiative which engages children and young people in music and enriches their lives through exceptional musical experiences and performances.

• Peace Proms celebrates culture and diversity and promotes peace, unity and tolerance through music.
•  There is no restriction on the number of children who can participate from each schools. Places are filled on a first come first served basis.
• Peace Proms is for everyone. Whether your choir is established or starting out, Peace Proms gives your choir the once in a lifetime opportunity to:
• Sing with a choir of up to 3,000 children
• Perform with a full symphony youth orchestra
• Work with one of the UK’s leading professional conductors – Greg Beardsell
• Perform at top venues e.g. the Echo Arena Liverpool, the RDS Dublin, the SSE Arena Belfast, the Hub Kilkenny and the Kingfisher Hall Galway.
• Develop vocal technique, presentation and performance
• Experience a variety of musical styles and genres
• The musical programme is tailor made to ensure it is fun and engaging for children, fulfils important educational requirements, is very rewarding to teach, and the end performance is an inspirational and thrilling experience for choirs, teachers, parents and audiences alike!

Peace Proms Involves
IN SCHOOL LEARNING: With their teachers, children learn up to 8 songs or medleys in different genres. Schools are provided with choir packs, and a rehearsal CD
REGIONAL WORKSHOPS: Each school participates in ONE regional workshop which usually takes place in December/January during school hours and is given by renowned conductor Greg Beardsell.
PEACE PROMS CONCERT: All schools perform with the Cross Border Orchestra of Ireland and a host of top soloists in ONE concert which will take place in Spring 2018

Parental Consent Forms will be sent home with each child in the next day or so and these need to be returned to the office by Monday 25th. We urge parents to send them back, signed, asap as we must forward them onto the Peace Proms office to be checked. If they are late, we may loose our place in the initiative!