If a parent/guardian wishes to make contact with the school regarding a matter please note the following:

For matters dealing directly to the teaching/learning/well being of your child please email Ms Nuzum or Ms Greene directly on their school email address. These email accounts are monitored by the teacher only and other staff members will only be made aware of information from these emails, if the teacher deems it necessary, to deal with the matter which has arisen. Teachers check their emails on a daily basis but not during class time. Any emails sent in the evening may not be viewed by the teachers until the next day. If a matter is deemed urgent or private, please indicate so on the Subject line. If you wish to meet with your class teacher please email them or make an appointment through the school office. 

For all other general school matters, questions or queries please phone or email the school office and Ciara will respond as promptly as possible.  The school office email is monitored by Ms Greene when Ciara is not in the office. 

We ask that all parents/guardians consult the school website before contacting the school for information on an event or activity.