School Bank Re-commencing Friday 17th Nov

school bank.jpg

The School Bank which operates every Friday is re-commencing this Friday 17th Nov. 

New Junior Infants will have their own account opened and a savings book started.

The minimum amount that can be lodged is €1 and the Bank does not accept any 1c, 2c, 5c, 10c or 20c or 50c coins.  Any money remaining at the end of the Summer term may be withdrawn, or, alternatively, the balance can roll over into the following year. We would encourage all parents/guardians to leave the money in the bank over the summer months so that it can be available in September to pay for initial school costs.

Saving with the School Bank is optional, however, it has proven to be a very effective initiative since its introduction some years ago, and has lessened the burden for parents/guardians with regards to meeting school costs.  

We ask that all parents ensure that they have provided an active email address to the school as all statements will be emailed to parents/guardians and will no longer be printed.

Thank You