Chess Tournament

As today was the final session with Seamus, he organised a tournament for all the pupils. Each pupil played 6 rounds, playing a new opponent each time. The pairings were worked out on a computerised system used for all competitions. The pupils had a great time and every pupil won at least one game. Seamus provided trophies for 1st, 2nd and 3rd prize and for best female competitor (in order to encourage more girls to take up chess as a sport). The top 10 received medals and everyone got a milseán for taking part. We were very proud of all the pupils taking part today, who have embraced chess, be it for the first time or as an improver. It has proven to be one of the most enjoyabe extra curricular activities we have done in the school, and as teachers, we could see the learning benefits as the pupils progressed, as well as a self esteem boost for some  pupils. Seamus has been an excellent teacher and has sparked a great interest in all the pupils in chess, and they have learned alot of skills in 7 weeks. We hope to have him back in the school again, and we will be keeping up the practice, so were ready for any competitions that might come our way. Look below to see photos of all the action!