Parents Association

The purpose of the P.A. is to provide a structure through which the parents/guardians of pupils attending Scoil San Eoin can work together for the best possible education and welfare of their pupils.

What is the role of the Parents Association?

·      To represent the views of parents/guardians.

·      To develop partnership between the school bodies.

·      To work as a team and to have a yearly plan.

·      To establish a forum through which parents/guardians and teachers can communicate their opinions and concerns regarding the school, exchange information and research in relation to the education/welfare of the children.

·      To help plan and carry out a programme of activities for the year, in consultation with the Principal and Board of Management and to run activities that involve parents/guardians and pupils, whilst keeping parents/guardians informed about activities planned for the school.

·      To help raise funds for the school and the Parents Association in consultation with the Principal and Board of Management.


What is NOT the role of the Parents Association?

·      To get involved in individual complaints.

·      Day to day running of the school.

·      Curriculum.

·      Appointment of teachers.

·      Carrying out activities without consultation with Principal and/or Board of Management.

If you wish to volunteer for school events, or if you have suggestions/ comments on the working of the P.A. please contact any member of the P.A. or email

Chairperson: Shannon O'Halloran

Secretary: Nicole Keogh

Treasurer: Shelly Phips

Members: Michelle Phipps
                  Linda Browne
                  Caroline Mooney